"Come back to yourself. Return to the voice of your body. Trust that much.” (Geneen Roth)

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New Week, New Day, Strong Heart

December 25, 2011

Breathing in, I come back to the place where I sit or where I stand.  I feel the earth beneath my feet.

Breathing out, I am ok with this place where I am and this moment in time, and what I am doing.

If I feel I should be doing something else, this mindfulness provides me the opportunity to make that change.  Or, this mindful awareness reminds me that in this moment I am exactly where I need to be.

Breathing in, I relax my shoulders and let my arms fall gently to my sides.  Whether I sit or stand, my spine is tall and straight and soft.

Breathing out, I feel the muscles between my shoulder blades release their tension, out and into the earth.

Breathing in, I raise my arms straight out to my sides up to shoulder height.  I feel this movement and my breath through my arms and into my fingers.

Breathing out, I am aware of my arms and my hands.  My shoulders are soft and relaxed.  I feel the weight and the strength of these arms that lift and move for me all day long.

Breathing in, I raise my arms upward, straight and strong, to reach the sky above my head.  I can almost feel my ears touch the skin of my arms.   I feel my breath embracing my heart.

Breathing out, I am strong and relaxed.  I am in my perfect moment.  I am prepared.

“It is the nature of the strong heart, that like the palm tree it strives ever upwards when it is most burdened.”    Sir Philip Sidney

Wishing you room to breathe, a.

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