"Come back to yourself. Return to the voice of your body. Trust that much.” (Geneen Roth)

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July 14, 2012

The content on this website is accessible and simple.   The Breathing Room tab above holds all the posts, images, quotes, and exercises that we’ll include here as we go.  

This website, and the companion workshops and materials were created to share mindful tips and techniques from a variety of spiritual, practical, and professional ideologies from around the world in order to support healthy bodies, peaceful co-existence, personal fulfillment, and the pursuit of happiness in everyday life – both personally and professionally.  In the months ahead look for audio and video support to the site, as well.  Baby steps, baby steps.

Sometimes we all just need a little breathing room.  Love, a.

You Can Do This

March 14, 2012

The positive exercises you will find above under the “You Can Do This” tab, are just that; do-able.  Right now, right where you are.  They do not require special clothes, expensive studios, classes or props.  You do not first need to “be flexible,” desire to contort into pretzel shapes, or have the body of a supermodel or elite athlete. 

You DO need:

  • to be able to breathe – – both in and out 🙂
  • a desire to support your body’s innate ability to seek a natural state of wellness
  • a space to be in

I believe that you already carry the keys to your own contentment within yourself.  When we slow down and listen, our bodies will whisper to us everything we need to know to pursue healthy and fulfilling lives.  All positive change requires positive commitment.  I hope you’ll allow me to join in your journey and I’m thrilled to have welcome you onto my path, as well.

Wishing you room to breathe, a.


March 10, 2012

Arica Demarcus is a management consultant, teacher, motivational speaker, life-coach, and professional organization & development specialist.   As a registered yoga teacher, Arica works with her students to incorporate intuitive therapeutic movement into daily lifestyles, athletic training programs, and corporate environments.  She has developed yoga programs for addicts in recovery and seniors, as well.

Arica’s professional background is richly diverse.  She is the founder and CEO of alliancePROJECT, a consulting firm specializing in developing successful partnering models and organizational development programs since 1997.  Her work with Expedient Energy, an energy solutions firm, led her to launch a Sustainable Solutions branch of operations within alliancePROJECT to provide energy programs, LEED consulting, and environmental solutions to corporate and government clients.  In 2002, she focused her attention on raising her two sons and turned her talents to the field of education; teaching active literacy skills to students from elementary through high school and eventually serving as Director of The Freedom School Leadership Academy from 2005-2008.

She has developed and delivered programs for personal, professional, and academic achievement on such diverse topics as: The Practice of Breathing, Facilitating Successful Mergers & Acquisitions,  Restructuring Your Organization for Maximum Success, K-12 Curriculum Development, Love of Writing, Speaking the Language of Literature, and The Teacher’s Path: How We Really Leave No Child Behind.  

In 2014, Arica launched The Mindful American, a not-for profit 501C3 organization to bring awareness to and promote the practice of the innate human skills of: Stillness, Silent Contemplation, Compassion, Inquiry and Self-Care Movement.  For more information on The Mindful American and how you can be a part of the movement, please visit

Arica is available for private consultations, yoga & mindfulness classes and workshops, and corporate enhancement programs.  She can be reached at